The 4th Trimester – Early Infant Development

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Human babies are hard work! But why?

Empathy for that new bub doesn’t always come as easily as pop culture would have us believe when we are in the throws of change and often grieving our old “normal”. Understanding what’s going on inside that wee brain can be a powerful resource for finding empathy, finding compassion for ourselves, and figuring out how to respond effectively!

Our 4th wellness workshop (Thursday March 8th at 6:00 PM) is open to all expectant parents as well as parents who are in the throws of the 4th trimester (those first 3 months after birth!). Babes in arms are welcome!

We will talk about why human babies are such hard work and how an infant’s brain is developing in the 4th trimester. You will learn some sensory, movement, and interactive strategies that you can use to get to know your baby and respond to their needs. We will talk about why self-care is so important for your baby’s development and explore practical tools for prioritizing self-care during this time of transition.

Register Here: The 4th Trimester: Understanding Early Infant Development

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Cost is $30.00 + an additional $10.00 if you would like to bring a support person!

Payment will be collected prior to the workshop!

48 hours notice required to cancel registration otherwise payment will be charged in full.