Appreciating “Mommy Brain”

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Pssssst…I have a secret to share! We DO have amazingly functional brain cells during the postpartum period, they just begin to function in new and different ways that are ridiculously foreign to us!

What if we understood how and why our brains change during the postpartum period? Could this fuel a bit of self-compassion? That is my hope for our 5th workshop in our Maternal Wellness Series!

Those high stress or frustrating moments when we have misplaced our keys or phones or find random items in the refrigerator are inevitable, so we will also talk about some practical strategies for helping our brains with planning and organization so that it can continue to evolve as we need it to & for managing our distress in those difficult moments!

Let’s talk about Mommy Brain!

This workshop is open to all expectant parents as well as parents who are in the throws of the 4th trimester (those first 3 months after birth!). Babes in arms are welcome!

Thurdsay March 15th 6:00 PM at Spring Forward Health!

Register Here: The 4th Trimester: Appreciating Mommy Brain

*DISREGARD prompts to complete an Intake Assessment

Cost is $30.00 + an additional $10.00 if you would like to bring a support person!

Payment will be collected prior to the workshop!

48 hours notice required to cancel registration otherwise payment will be charged in full.