To move or not to move…Is that the question?

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How about, “Why Move?”

Let’s talk extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation.⠀

I was really sick leading up to and through the holidays this year.?⠀

I’m back to life and moving my body in ways that give me pleasure and help me to feel strong (my intrinsic motivators to exercise!)?️‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️⠀

Disappointingly, during a family gathering over the holidays, as I sat gaunt and clearly unwell, I received an interesting “compliment” about the weight I had lost during my illness. ? This is a HUGE problem, no????⠀

I am a recovering people pleaser, so in the past, PRAISE and COMPLIMENTS such as this were HUGE motivators for me to exercise and try to make my body look a certain way. The problem…these are extrinsic motivators.⠀

Research suggests that those who are intrinsically motivated to engage in an activity are more likely to stick with the activity, invest time in it, and experience greater success with it. ⠀

However, as I have shifted my focus away from movement driven by ego to movement driven by a desire to experience pleasure, strength, and connection with my body AND the moment, I must be honest in saying that I definitely exercise LESS than I used to…BUT maybe that’s ok? Maybe my body and mind have been begging for a break from the relentless ego-driven exercise that served to punish vs nourish me?⠀

Despite exercising less, I definitely feel more SATISFIED.⠀

Now when I exercise:⠀
❤It doesn’t feel like a chore.⠀
❤I am connecting with vs. fighting my body⠀
❤I don’t have a plan/routine laid out…I listen to what my body needs and I go with the flow. In the past, I got very cranky when my exercise was interrupted and I couldn’t finish what I started. Now, whatever I squeeze in is enough…I am enough!⠀
❤I embrace the days when exercise just isn’t the priority, offer myself compassion, and am present with the other important activities and people in my life.⠀

When it comes to exercise, we often rely on what we are told we “should” be doing.⠀

This can leave us floundering for a life time without a sense of our individual core movement VALUES (our intrinsic motivators).⠀ ⠀
What intrinsically motivates you to move More? Less? Differently?

Looking for guidance to mend your relationship with movement?