Pain – WTF?

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Pain is an amazing alarm system designed to protect us. ⠀

Our brains SUBCONSCIOUSLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY compile A TON of information…⠀
?what’s going on in our various body systems…mechanically, chemically/hormonally, etc.⠀
?what’s going on in our environment⠀
?our past experiences⠀
?our expectations⠀
?our mood⠀
?what is going on in our lives/relationships…CONTEXT⠀
?our beliefs and rules about health, ourselves, others, and the world⠀

Our brains evaluate based on ALL of this information…are we under threat? What is the most immediate threat? Do we have the resources/tools to cope with these threats?⠀

If the messages within and around us indicate that the level of risk overwhelms our resources/capacity to cope. ??⠀

When pain persists…our alarm system becomes extra sensitive…we are on high alert and our nervous system undergoes changes that cause the alarm to sound more readily.⠀

This is why a really powerful approach to addressing persistent pain involves caring for the nervous system at multiple levels… ⠀

CONTEXT – what else is going on in your life that may be contributing to stress and an overwhelmed nervous system? In which environments do you experience pain? How can we creatively change the context or practice new ways of responding to it? What are your values and how can we help you to find ways to continue to live them in the face of pain? ⠀

BOTTOM UP Approaches – Looking at the tissues and the senses to understand the inputs to the body that create a sense of danger and safety for you.⠀


TOP DOWN APPROCHES – ? The hub of these evaluations…Getting curious about our thoughts, beliefs, moods, sensations, reactions and responses that show up in response to or in anticipation of a flare up. The research shows that beliefs and fears associated with the pain experience, movement and activity, as well as SELF-EFFICACY are highly predictive of ongoing disability with persistent pain…⠀

If this approach feels like your next logical step…Occupational Therapy!