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Custom and pre-made workshops available for health, fitness and birth professionals.

Topics May Include:

Pelvic and core health

Pelvic health and emotional wellness

The Occupational Therapy role in addressing pelvic health challenges

Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for pain, distressing physical symptoms, and chronic illness

E-mail lara@pelvicresilience.ca to discuss your needs and pricing

Upcoming Events

Reframe Rehab

Reframe Communication: Skills for Getting Your Patients “Unstuck”

This live, 12-hour course is designed for rehabilitation, medical or psychotherapy clinicians and is taken from a rehab perspective.

  • Learn how to get on the same page with your patients and build an effective
    therapeutic alliance
  • Increase your understanding of the psychological processes that often keep folks
    stuck with their pain and other distressing physical symptoms
  • Learn psychologically-informed strategies (rooted in CBT and ACT principles) for
    working through common stuck points and fostering self-efficacy in recovery.
  • Practice techniques for helping our clients to identify and respond differently to
    the rules and beliefs that may not be serving them in their recovery.
  • Learn how to get your clients moving through fear and re-engaged with the things
    that are important to them by creating experiential opportunities to challenge fear
    and bolster self-efficacy.

Pelvic Health Solutions

CBT Skills for Physically Distressing Symptoms (North America – EST)

April, 2021

This 2 day workshop is open to all health professionals with an interest in developing skills for addressing the psychosocial contributors to pain and other distressing symptoms!

What Participants Have To Say!

“I really appreciate how tangible this course is. While being a “psych” course, I really felt I had small nuggets of gold (word choice, recognition of thought processes) that I could immediately take away and put into practice in my professional and personal life. A lot of it spoke to my soul!”

Caitlyn Goodfellow, Ortho and Pelvic PT

“CBT for Persistent Physical Symptoms is a diverse topic that can be used with a variety of client populations. Lara does an excellent job making the information accessible, from the theoretical underpinnings to practical tools to use in your every-day practice setting. The course comes with both electronic and hardcopy resources, which meant I was able to immediately put my new skills to use with clients. It was a fantastic course!”

Maryann Ashley, BASc, MSc. OT

“As physiotherapists, we spend the early part of our career learning technical hands-on skills.  Once those are mastered, there comes a time when you feel the need to explore the fascinating psychology of pain and disability  This course is a great starting point in the pursuit of CBT skill-attainment.”

Jeffrey Begg, PT, FCAMPT

Previous Workshops & Presentations

November 2020, May/June, 2020 & November, 2019 – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills for Physically Distressing Symptoms (Pelvic Health Solutions – Professional Development Course for Health Care Providers offered twice/year)

October, 2019 – Understanding pain science and addressing pain in mental health settings (Presentation to Occupational Therapists at the Homewood Health Centre)

Sept, 2019 – Pelvic Health and Emotional Wellness: Occupational Therapist Role with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Practice Webinar) with E-Motion Therapy

May, 2019 – Integrating CBT into Clinical Practice (Speaker at the 6th Annual Pelvic Health Symposium – Pelvic Health Solutions)

February, 2019 – Women’s Health & Occupational Therapy (The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapy Practice Webinar) with Melissa Lapointe

October, 2018 – Women’s Health & Occupational Therapy: Pelvic Health & Maternal Mental Health (The Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists Workshop) with E-Motion Therapy

October, 2018 – Pelvic Health: An Emerging Opportunity for Occupational Therapists (The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists 2018 Conference Presentation: Advance! Journey to Excellence)

June, 2018 – Pain Science 101 for Birth (Doula’s Inc. Workshop for Birth Professionals)