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Healthy Babies Start With Healthy Mamas!

As a society, we are phenomenal at recognizing this when that little bundle of joy is safely tucked inside that mama. The health and wellbeing of that pregnant woman is of the utmost importance.

However, once that baby emerges, mamas tend to fade into the background and we tend to celebrate and praise the new moms who seem to “bounce back” and adapt without a hitch. We do not give enough attention to the highly vulnerable state (physical, hormonal, emotional, and psychological) of the postpartum woman.  This is a significant developmental milestone for that newborn mom and it is a beautiful thing. It means there is opportunity to set the stage for lifelong connection, health & wellness of a whole family. However, if this is just glossed over, with too much pressure and expectation placed on her, a great opportunity is missed and a family can be left floundering with disasterous health concerns.

Pelvic Resilience offers maternal wellness services (individual sessions, couples sessions, and group workshops) aimed to provide empowering information and practical tools for promoting lifelong resilience and whole family wellness during this pivotal time.

Available at Spring Forward Health and via secure video chat across Ontario.

Topics could include:

Pre/postnatal core and pelvic health

Body changes & body image

Labour & delivery strategies (functional movement & comfort measures to facilitate birth)

Birth planning

Postpartum recovery planning

Mindfulness strategies for birth and motherhood

Managing postpartum expectations and building your support network

Infant neurodevelopment during the 4th trimester

Understanding and optimizing “Mommy Brain”

Maternal and paternal mental health